Tips from Ticketfly’s Product Designers

And a shout out to our favorite design tools!

You may have heard that Ticketfly is joining Eventbrite to make the platform for live events even better than before. As Ticketfly becomes part of the Eventbrite team, this is a fitting time for us to reflect on our most successful accomplishments as a design team as well as the valuable lessons we learned. During our time since Ticketfly’s rebrand in early 2016, our product design team has developed some tips and tricks to keep in mind while creating products…

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Tickets Transfers by Ticketfly

Everyone gets their own ticket!

Has this happened to you before an event?

You get to the venue with your printed tickets — IF you remembered to bring them. Now, you’re missing the show, outside, waiting to hand the ticket to your friend who is stuck battling traffic for another 45 minutes. Bummer!…

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Creating illustrations for the Ticketfly iOS app

While designing Ticketfly’s internal event curation tool, I had the opportunity to brainstorm and create illustrations for curated regions and cities in our iOS app. My illustrations act as cards for these regions and pair Ticketfly’s energetic identity with an icon from that area. If you haven’t checked out our app, download it and read about it

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Pro tip: Product design strategies to counter resistance

We have all been stuck before. A good design sitting in your hands, but you aren’t getting the buy-in you need from the higher-ups. You have a great concept or product direction, but there is something that just isn’t aligning with your views and the vision of others. Designers often have a unique perspective to see what others don’t. Nevertheless, here are few strategies that I have tried when the normal process of adoption just isn’t working. Keep in mind, every situation is different. These strategies are only meant to broaden the realm of possible options toward getting the design buy-in you need. Enjoy!…

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Process is a Net of Incrementally Better Solutions

Design processes are often illustrated as continuous loops. Personally, I have not experienced quite a linear process. In fact, it’s pretty chaotic and messy and ugly. All areas of process overlap each other and, depending on the person you are, there’s a different process that works for you. Some start from the foundation, some start with the details, and others bounce back and forth between the two.

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