Ticketfly’s careers page

Anticipating the rebrand of Ticketfly in early 2016, I was tasked to design, product manage, and art direct Ticketfly's new careers page in time for the launch.

Telling the story

I wanted the careers page to communicate what any applicant would be looking for in a company and a job position: the history of the company, appropriately communicating culture, displaying our awesome workspace, listing the differentiating perks, and clearly displaying job positions relevant to the person looking.


After curating a shot list, I worked with a photographer for multiple days to get the right shots of the office and surrounding area.


Photography by Erin Conger


Advocating for department pages

While others were pushing for job openings visible on the main page, I was pushing for department cards and detail pages. The rationale, although visually one more click away, was that it increased motivation for users to drill in by conveniently grouping openings by subject matter, amongst other things:

  • Departments can customize their page info, which is better for the applicant as well.

  • Employees can share department pages on social with a link straight to those filtered open positions.

  • We can have unique pictures and descriptions in the metadata for social sharing.


Web & mobile web department pages


Job detail pages

These pages involved a third party applicant tracking system (ATS) to integrate with our site. I collaborated with human resources and recruiting until we found an ATS to fit our needs. We built this in a flexible way and, when we switched tools, the flexibility paid off.


Web & mobile web job detail pages


Results & tracking

We saw an immediate 30% increase in unique monthly visitors after launch. Many candidates have expressed their likeness for the new careers page during their onsite interviews. We also implemented click and scroll tracking to see successful areas and improve on neglected ones. It's great to make a page encourage users to apply rather than deter them from applying.